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2020 Elections & Economic Policy: Housing Policy

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As usual, the election of 2020 had plenty of emphasis on economic policy. Among the economic policies discussed were housing policy and canceling student debt. Housing costs have risen dramatically in the United States the last several decades, making housing unaffordable for many Americans. Joe Biden made several proposals to make housing more affordable. Donald Trump’s housing policy mostly focused on rolling back fair housing protections, which he claimed was to protect suburbs.

The idea of canceling student debt was a big topic in the Democratic primary. In the general election, Joe Biden proposed canceling the first $10,000 of student debt for borrowers as part of his COVID relief proposals. President Trump opposed the idea of canceling student debt. Since student debt has doubled in the last decade, this issue is likely to be debated in the next several years.

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“Joe Biden’s Surprisingly Visionary Housing”

“How A Second Trump Turn Would Impact Major Housing Issues”

“Seeking Suburban Votes, Trump to Repeal Rule Combating Racial Bias In Housing”

“Here’s What a Biden or Trump Plan Will Mean to Student Loan Borrowers”

“Democrats are Focusing on Student Loan Forgiveness, but Do Voters Care”

“Student Loan Forgiveness Sounds Good, What Might Happen if the Government Did It”


  • Debate:  Should the government cancel all student debt, some student debt, or not cancel any student debt?
  •  Do you prefer Biden or Trump’s housing plans? Why?
  • Poll:  Would canceling student debt be good for the economy?          
  • Short Answer: How did Joe Biden propose helping people who are struggling with housing cost?

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