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2020 Elections & Participation: Voter Turnout

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While more people have voted than at any other time in American history, percentage-wise, this number does not quite break records. Given that around 239.2 million Americans were eligible to vote in 2020, the projected number of voters brings us to a 66.7% turnout rate. This makes 2020 the year with the highest voter turnout since 1900, when Republican William McKinley won reelection with 73.7% turnout. In 2016, by comparison, 230.9 million Americans were eligible to vote and 136.8 million voted for a voter turnout rate of 59.2%.

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“2020 turnout is the highest in over a century”

“2020’s record voter turnout in the US is still lower than many other countries”

“How US voter turnout increased in key states – a visual guide”

“Republicans Pushed to Restrict Voting. Millions of Americans Pushed Back”

“Voter turnout rate in the presidential election in the United States as of November 16, 2020, by state”

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“Surge in youth voter turnout may have helped propel Biden to victory”

“Why Don’t Young People Vote, and What Can Be Done About It?”

“Election Week 2020: Young People Increase Turnout, Lead Biden to Victory”


  • Debate: Voting is important because it is a chance to have your voice heard. If you don’t vote, you do not have the right to complain.
  • While voting may be important, there are much more effective forms of political  participation in the United States.
  • Poll: It is important to vote because every vote matters.             
  • Short Answer: What sociological factors have been shown to impact voter turnout?

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