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Impact of Biden Win on World Affairs

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Former Vice President Joe Biden has secured an electoral college victory and will be sworn into on January 20th, 2021. Biden defeated President Trump on November 3rd in the general election. His victory was marked with different reactions around the world. A Biden administration will be vastly different than a Trump administration on a wide range of international relations issues.

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“US election 2020: How the world reacted to a Biden win”

“Chinese government sidesteps question on when it will congratulate US President-elect Biden”

“World leaders react to Biden’s win as Americans take to the streets in celebration”

“World Leaders Congratulate Biden On Win, And Some Celebrate Trump’s Defeat”

“How will a Biden presidency impact NATO and Brexit?”

“US election result: What Biden’s victory means for rest of world”

“Moscow braces for surge in anti-Russian rhetoric after Biden win”

“How a victory for Biden might impact future of U.S.-China relations”


  • Writing: Compare and contrast the different approaches to foreign policy between President Trump and President-Elect Biden.
  • Debate: The U.S. should engage with the global community by pursuing international agreements and deals, even if it means America loses some of its sovereignty.
  • Poll: The U.S. has a responsibility to be the world’s policeman and confront countries that violate international law.
  • Short Answer: What would be the ramifications if relations between Russia and the U.S. deteriorate?

Current events quiz:

1) All the following are true concerning President-Elect Biden EXCEPT.

a. He wants the U.S. to rejoin the World Health Organization
b. He wants the U.S. to rejoin NATO
c. He wants the U.S. to rejoin the Iranian nuclear deal
d. He wants the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Agreement

2) Relations will perhaps deteriorate with which country under a Biden administration?

a. China
b. Russia
c. Iran
d. India

3) Which of the following is true about the United States?

a. The U.S. has a population over 350 million
b. The U.S. has the largest economy in the world
c. The U.S. is the most powerful nation state
d. The government type in the U.S. is a direct democracy

4) President-Elect Biden plans on pursuing an isolationist approach to international affairs. (T/F)

5) President-Elect Biden has been a vocal critic of NATO and wants to weaken the relationship. (T/F)

6) The United States of America has the second largest economy in the world. (T/F)


1) B

2) B

3) C

4) False

5) False

6) True


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Featured Image Credit: The White House, and United States Senate / TheAmerikaner

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