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President Trump Plans Return to Campaign as Questions Linger About His Health

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President Trump made a dramatic return to the White House three days after he was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center for COVID-19. Questions continued to dog the president about his recovery, even as he was discharged. In response, the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to change the format of the second debate. However, they cancelled the event altogether after Trump objected to a virtual debate.

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“Commission cancels second debate between Trump and Biden”

“The Latest: 2nd presidential debate officially canceled”

“Analysis: With Trump ailing, a steady Pence tries to keep the campaign afloat”

“Trump Plans White House Event, Florida Rally in Return to Trail”

“Trump says he feels ‘really strong,’ has been tested again for COVID-19”
“Trump invites thousands to hear him speak from White House balcony on Saturday”
“Trump to resume campaigning with in-person events at White House and in Florida”
“Trump returns to his usual programming — but his health remains a mystery”


  • Writing: Describe the importance of debates to a presidential campaign. Why did President Trump not agree to the changes made by the Commission on Presidential debates and why was he pressing to get back on the campaign trail?
  • Debate: Should the Commission on Presidential Debates have changed the format of the second debate?
  • Poll: Should President Trump be resuming in-person campaign events?
  • Short Answer: Should the CDC quarantine recommendations after a positive COVID-19 be applied differently depending on the health of the individual?

Current events quiz:

1) What is the likely explanation for Trump seeking out conservative outlets for interviews following his release from the hospital?

a. President Trump did not want to answer difficult questions about his health or his handling of COVID-19
b. President Trumps had made a previous engagement to appear on those programs
c. President Trump wanted to rehearse for the virtual debate
d. President Trump wanted to speak about the dangers of COVID-19 and the importance of wearing masks

2) How did President Trump hope to reverse a week of negative headlines and bad poll results?

a. appear on liberal networks and talk about bipartisanship
b. announce the release of a COVID vaccine
c. resume in-person rallies in swing states
d. resume small, socially distance gatherings of supporters

3) All the following are true EXCEPT.

a. Biden leads among women
b. Biden leads among men
c. Biden leads among independents
d. Biden leads among moderates

4) President Trump was declared 100 percent free of COVID-19 by his doctors before being discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center. (T/F)

5) President Trump made all of his media appearances after being released from the hospital on conservative outlets such as Fox News and the Rush Limbaugh Show. (T/F)

6) Trump is doing better with moderates as opposed to independents. (T/F)


1) A

2) C

3) B

4) False

5) True

6) False


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