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America Responds to COVID-19

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SAGE/CQ Press is proud to support the academic community during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic by providing useful content for online teaching and learning. Below you will find links to downloadable PowerPoint presentations focusing on different perspectives on the pandemic.

America Responds to COVID-19: Comparative Perspective

The authors of American Democracy in Context present a comparative view of America’s response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. How does federalism and the political culture of individualism present issues in spearheading U.S. response to the virus? How does America’s response differ from that of some Asian countries?

The Federal Government's Response to Pandemics: An Historical Perspective

The authors of The Enduring Democracy present an historical account of America’s response to pandemics, specifically focusing on the Spanish Flu of 1918. How does history repeat itself? How have we learned? What are the differences in the pandemic response approaches for Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Donald Trump?


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