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Tornadoes Devastate Tennessee

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As many as seven tornadoes ripped through central Tennessee last week, claiming the lives of at least 25 people. The National Weather Service estimates that these tornadoes have left a path of destruction that stretches across 74 miles. With winds reaching up to 175 miles per hour, the tornadoes damaged hundreds of buildings and left thousands without power.

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“Tennessee Tornado Death Toll Rises; Several People Still Missing in Putnam County”

“Day 5 tornado updates: City says volunteers’ vehicles are blocking streets, hampering recovery effort”

“Minute by minute: How a deadly tornado cut a devastating path across Tennessee”

“Tennessee tornado tragedy was tied to a lack of warning, awareness and readiness”

“Two EF-4 and EF-3 tornadoes left a deadly trail of destruction in Tennessee, weather service confirms”

“For Tennessee tornado victims, this is how you get FEMA money”


  • Writing: Describe the role of the National Weather Service in preventing loss of life in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster. How effective has the agency been at predicting natural disasters and in relaying warnings to residents? Are tornadoes more difficult to predict?
  • Debate: The federal government hasn’t done enough to ensure the safety of communities affected by natural disasters.
  • Poll: Do you think the federal government should be in-charge-of tornado tracking?
  • Short Answer: What has the federal government done to aid the relief effort in Tennessee?

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