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Weinstein Found Guilty of Rape

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After a deadlocked jury in the trial of former movie production mogul Harvey Weinstein, the jury returned this week with a guilty verdict on two counts: criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree. Over 20 different women came forward with allegations, including former employees and actresses who worked with Weinstein’s production company.

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“Harvey Weinstein convicted of rape, criminal sexual act”

“Harvey Weinstein Is Convicted in Rape Case That Sparked #MeToo”

“Harvey Weinstein guilty: How the Hollywood giant faced his reckoning”

“Harvey Weinstein jury indicates possible deadlock on most serious counts”

“Harvey Weinstein is a rapist: The words Hollywood spent 50 years trying to silence”

“Harvey Weinstein went from untouchable to incarcerated. Thank #MeToo”

“7 positive changes that have come from the #MeToo movement”


  • Writing: : Briefly describe the proceedings of the Harvey Weinstein trial. What are some of the goals of the #MeToo movement and how did it influence this trial? Has #MeToo achieved these goals?
  • Debate: The #MeToo movement, beyond this high-profile Weinstein trial, has been effective in changing state and local laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Poll: Do you think Harvey Weinstein will see serious jail time?
  • Short Answer: Thanks to #MeToo, more survivors have come forward to share their stories and some powerful men have lost their jobs, but is anything different at a broader social level?

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