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Syrian Conflict Intensifies

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On Feb. 21, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin to begin talking about a possible ceasefire in the war-torn region of Syria. This call comes after the United Nations predicted an increase in violence, targeting Idlib, Syria.

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“UN warns of ‘bloodbath’ as Syria fighting escalates”

“U.N. says it fears ‘bloodbath’ in northwest Syria fighting”

“UN High Commissioner for Refugees appeals for safety for civilians trapped in Idlib”

“Turkey And Russia Fight It Out: Is This The End Of The Road For Erdogan?”

“Turkey should bomb Damascus”

“We cannot turn a blind eye to the humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib”


  • Writing: Describe the conflict in Syria since the Arab Spring movement in 2011. How has the situation deteriorated over time? What are the different sides that have emerged in this conflict?
  • Debate: Turkey has effectively invaded Syria and should withdraw from the Northern Syrian border in order to prevent future conflict in the region.
  • Poll: Does the UN have the power to prevent future bloodshed in Syria?
  • Short Answer:  What are the chances that Turkey will begin a full assault against Syria in Idlib?

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