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Brexit is Official: UK leaves the EU

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In a historic 621-to-49 vote on January 30, the European parliament approved Brexit, ending Great Britain’s 47-year-long EU membership. After more than 3 and a half years of debate, Great Britain must now negotiate a complex series of new agreements on future trade deals, data sharing, migration, and compliance with EU regulatory standards in order to cement a transition out of the European Union.

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“Brexit timeline: From 2013 referendum promise to 2020 exit”

“Why Britain Brexited”

“After UK leaves EU on January 31, what will change?”

“A Texas-Sized Defeat for the E. U.: Brexit Is Here”

“Brexit Day: Don’t Be Fooled By The Friendly Goodbyes”

“Nigel Farage: Populism is Just Beginning”


  • Writing: Briefly describe the fight for Brexit, beginning with the 2016 public referendum under David Cameron’s tenure. What are some of the main arguments for leaving and for staying in the EU?
  • Debate: Brexit will cause economic hardship for both Great Britain and EU member countries.
  • Poll: Will Brexit benefit the UK in the long-term?
  • Short Answer: What major deals still need to be negotiated to complete the Brexit transition?

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