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Impeachment Moves to the Senate

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After months of investigation and debate in the House of Representatives, House impeachment managers presented findings to members of the Senate last week. Two articles of impeachment made it to the Senate floor, kicking off the final stage in the lengthy impeachment process.

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“Trump team dismisses call for chief justice to rule on witnesses”

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“No Wonder the Impeachment Trial Is Such a Mess”

“Why neither side is really trying to win this Trump impeachment trial”

“And Congress Shall Be King”

“Day 4 of Trump’s Trial: The Case for Obstruction”


  • Writing: What is the definition of an impeachable offense? Is a felony conviction required for the President to be removed from office?
  • Debate: The trial in the Senate will not result in impeachment despite apparent wrongdoing, because it is a strictly political process rather than a judicial proceeding.
  • Poll: Given what you know about the events that have led to the impeachment investigation, is there sufficient evidence to remove the President from office?
  • Short Answer: Is the Senate likely to convict the President and remove him from office? Why or why not?

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