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34 U.S. Troops Injured in Iranian Airstrike

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On January 24, the Pentagon confirmed a report that 34 troops suffered traumatic brain injuries during a January 8 missile attack on a military base housing U.S. troops in Baghdad. President Trump had initially reported that “no Americans were harmed” during the retaliatory drone strike. The strike occurred several weeks after the U.S. military targeted and killed Iran’s Military leader, Qasem Soleimani.

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“AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s false assurance about troops in Iraq”

“Not just ‘headaches’: 34 US troops diagnosed with brain injuries”

“34 US troops suffered traumatic brain injuries after Iran strike”

“US-Iran conflict: More than 30 Iran strike soldiers diagnosed with traumatic brain damage after Trump downplayed injuries”

“US still weighing how to protect troops in Iraq from missiles”

“Iraq after Soleimani: What is the future for US troops?”

“‘Withdraw or prepare coffins’: Thousands protest in Iraq against US troop presence”


  • Writing: Briefly describe the significance of Qasem Soleimani’s death to the region as well as what Iran’s retaliatory response will mean for future U.S. – Iranian relations.
  • Debate: The U.S. government and the President should be more forthright with information relating to troop injuries and fatalities.
  • Poll: Is President Trump justified in his initial misreporting that no Americans were injured in these recent attacks?
  • Short Answer: Why did the U.S. President downplay injuries to American troops?

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