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London Bridge Knife Attack

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On November 29, 2 people were killed and 3 others were injured in a knife attack near the historic London Bridge. The assailant was overcome by pedestrians and stripped of his deadly weapon until police arrived, who shot and killed the attacker.

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“London Bridge: Parties row over attacker’s early release”

“London Bridge: Who was the attacker?”

“London Knife Attacker Identified; Public Lauds Narwhal Tusk Takedown”

“ISIL Claims Responsibility for Deadly London Bridge Attack”

“People convicted of terror offenses must serve full prison terms: UK PM”

“Attack by Convicted Terrorist Prompts U.K. to Review Sentencing”

“Tougher sentences won’t stop another London Bridge attack, but probation reform and more police might”


  • Writing: Review the timeline of terror attacks in England. What has prompted the general increase in activity? What has been the political response to such attacks?
  • Debate: Individuals convicted of terrorism should face harsher sentencing. Strict sentencing laws will be more effective at reducing terror incidents than probation reform and increasing police presence.
  • Poll: Should the government impose life-in-prison for convicted terrorists?
  • Short Answer: What effect, if any, might this attack have on the upcoming parliamentary elections in England?

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