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The Supreme Court will hear testimony on November 12 to determine whether the Trump administration has the right to overturn the Obama-era program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA went into effect in 2012 and currently grants roughly 650,000 immigrants the ability to legally live and work in the United States, despite having entered the country unlawfully as children. 

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“Trump’s Decision to End DACA Comes Before the Supreme Court”

“Will Donald Trump Be Able to End DACA? Decision Heads to Supreme Court”

“As ruling nears, immigrant fights for anti-deportation act”

“DACA lands before Supreme Court: Showdown over Trump bid to end ‘Dreamer’ program”

“Supreme Court DACA case: 3 ways the Court could decide DACA’s fate”

“The Supreme Court DACA Case is a Competency Test”

“Chief Justice Roberts Could Hold Pivotal Vote in SCOTUS case of Trump vs. ‘Dreamers’”


  • Writing: Provide an overview of the history of the DACA program, including the process/qualifications required to enroll. Why did President Obama want to expand temporary protected status to minors through DACA?
  • Debate: The DACA program is a net benefit to the United States and should therefore not be rescinded.
  • Poll: Should DACA be rescinded by the Supreme Court? Is DACA unconstitutional?
  • Short Answer: Why is the Trump administration taking the time and effort to appeal lower court decisions on DACA?

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