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Latest Wave of California Wildfires

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Wildfires have burned through over 100,000 acres of land in Southern and Northern California as firefighters struggle to contain 8 separate blazes across the state. In just two weeks, fires have resulted in millions of dollars in property damage, hundreds of families evacuated and numerous casualties.

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“Fast-moving blaze descends on Southern California – live updates”

“Southern California Utility Says Wildfire Started Near A Re-Energized Power Line”

“Firefighters finally getting a handle on wildfires burning across California”

“Bay Area’s wild week: What we learned from fires, outages and evacuations”

“Most California Fires Over 70% Contained As Ventura Firefighters Contend with Drones”

“How PG&E fell 10 years behind San Diego on wildfire safety”


  • Writing: Describe California’s historic struggle in combating the spread of wildfires. What specific policy solutions could be used address this decades-old problem?
  • Debate: The California government should nationalize PG&E in order to modernize their energy grid and prevent future wildfires.
  • Poll: Should PG&E be held partially responsible for the recent wave of fires?
  • Short Answer: How can power utilities modernize their grid in order to prevent future fires in California?

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