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UAW-GM Strike Ends in Deal

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Automotive workers have voted to accept a new four-year contract with GM. This marks the end of 40 days of striking, the longest automotive strike in 50 years. The deal provides raises for full and part-time workers, signing bonuses, and saves one of four automotive plants slated for closing.

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“GM workers ratify contract, ending contentious 40-day strike”

“Strike Over! UAW workers ratify contract with GM. Here’s what’s next.”

“Local UAW president saddened that new contract leaves GM Lordstown plant behind”

“With GM contract set, UAW takes its fight to Ford and Fiat Chrysler”

“Payne: UAW-GM fight exposes fears of an EV future”

“GM could never offer strikers everything they wanted. Here’s why”

“Detroit’s gamble on the future”


  • Writing: Describe the historic struggle of labor organizing in the United States. How does this recent movement fit into the broader historic struggle?
  • Debate: The union workers did more harm than good by participating in this extended protest movement.
  • Poll: Which party came out on top, the union workers or the GM executives?
  • Short Answer: What does this resolution mean for workers in other industries throughout the United States?

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