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Black Woman Killed in Home by Texas Police

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On October 12, police responded to a non-emergency call from a neighbor about an open door to a home in their neighborhood. Without declaring their identities, the police officers circled the property and fired a single shot into the home through a window, killing 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson as she played video games with her nephew.

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“Texas officer killed Atatiana Jefferson while she played video games with nephew”

“Fort Worth officer resigns after fatally shooting woman in her home”

“Atatiana Jefferson pointed gun at window before Fort Worth officer killed her, nephew told authorities”

“Fort Worth police officer charged for murder of Atatiana Jefferson”

“Deaths of Atatiana Jefferson, Botham Jean show how police training emphasize danger to cops over community”

“Atatiana Jefferson’s Death Gives Black North Texas Reasons to Distrust Police”

“Ex-cop: Atatiana Jefferson’s killing further erodes police legitimacy”

“Latest deadly police shooting raises questions about tactics”


  • Writing: Describe the Black Lives Matter movement’s origins and strategic policy goals. Has the movement been successful in shifting public opinion? In reforming the justice system?
  • Debate: Black people in the United States are killed at higher rates than any other ethnic group due to subconscious racism in our police forces.
  • Poll: Do you believe that black lives matter in the United States?
  • Short Answer: Does implicit bias training work to reduce the number of police shootings of black Americans?

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