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Kashmir Conflict brought to UN

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In a recent address to the UN General Assembly, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, warned of a possible future ‘bloodbath’ between Pakistan and India over the long-disputed region of Kashmir. There have been a number of ceasefire violations reported against both India and Pakistan in Kashmir, one of the most militarized regions in the world.

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“Article 370: What happened with Kashmir and why it matters”

“Pakistan warns India its actions in Kashmir could provoke war”

“Kashmir under lockdown: All the latest updates”

“Article 370 move on Kashmir was PM Modi’s tribute to martyred jawans: Amit Shah”

“‘Time to write correct history’: Amit Shah on scrapping Article 370 in Kashmir”

“Malaysian PM says India ‘invaded, occupied’ Kashmir at UNGA”

“India’s risky Kashmir power grab, explained”


  • Writing: Explain the political history of the region and the IR theory that might best explain the likelihood of war between India and Pakistan.
  • Debate: India is justified in imposing a curfew and revoking Kashmir’s semi-independent status under Article 370.
  • Poll: Is this harsh rhetoric used by world leaders at the UN simply political posturing? Or do you think conflict in the region will escalate?
  • Short Answer: What steps can the international community take (if any) to ensure peace in the region?

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