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Major Saudi Oil Refinery Attacked

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On September 14, two major oil refineries in Saudi Arabia were engulfed in flames after being bombarded by drone missiles. This attack has affected the global oil supply and could increase the likelihood for major military conflict in the region.

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“Iran fired cruise missiles in attack on Saudi oil facility: US official”

“Saudi oil attacks: images show detail of damage”

“U.S. Tells Saudi Arabia Oil Attacks Were Launched From Iran”

“Scale and Nature of Attacks Makes This One Different”

“Trump boasts the US is ‘very high on ammunition’ while discussing prospect of war with Iran after Saudi oil field attacks”

“Iran’s Rouhani says Aramco attacks were a reciprocal response by Yemen”

“Trump at a pivotal crossroads on Iran”


  • Writing: Briefly describe U.S. foreign policy attitudes towards Iran pre- and post- the Iran nuclear deal. Include details about this shift in foreign policy and its impact on the current conflict in the region.
  • Debate: The United States should be held partially responsible for escalated tensions in the region due to its ‘maximum pressure’ campaign against Iran, and must now therefore act as conflict mediator rather than aggressor.
  • Poll: How likely is it that the United States will engage in armed conflict in the region as a result of these attacks?
  • Short Answer: If proven complicit in this latest attack, how can Iran use diplomacy to avoid future military conflict?

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