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By a vote of 24 to 17, the House Judiciary Committee voted on September 12 to move forward with a Congressional “impeachment inquiry” into the alleged criminal conduct of President Donald Trump. This inquiry would aim to bring key witnesses to testify to determine whether impeachment proceedings should be brought to the House floor for a vote.

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“House Democrats unveil impeachment probe parameters”

“House panel approves impeachment inquiry parameters as Democrats try to clarify their strategy”

“House Judiciary Committee to hold first impeachment hearing”

“Trump impeachment inquiry divides House Democrats”

“DOJ cites Dems’ mixed-up impeachment messages to undercut House probe”

“House Dems move on Trump impeachment, as Republicans mock ‘giant Instagram filter’ hiding disarray”


  • Writing: What do you think would be the strongest argument for impeachment? Against impeachment?
  • Debate: There is evidence that President Trump has violated the Constitution and should be impeached.
  • Poll: Do you think impeachment is a useful tool that contributes to the system of checks and balances across the branches of government?
  • Short Answer: Why have Democrats been hesitant to begin impeachment proceedings against the president?

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