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Brexit Update

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The deadline for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union was originally March 29. With the deadline approaching, the British Parliament rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s latest Brexit deal, and then the Speaker of the House of Commons announced no further votes would be taken on Brexit unless it was a bill substantially different from previous bills.

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“Mass London protest demands second referendum on Brexit”

“Brexit march: Hundreds of thousands join referendum protest”

“Petition to reverse Brexit hits a record 4.2m signatures”

“No-deal Brexit: What is the UK government doing to prepare?”

“Brexit is costing the UK economy $1billion a week. And it could get worse”

“As hundreds of thousands march in London, what next for Brexit?”

“Theresa May has lost control of Brexit and now anything is possible”

“Brexit Has triggered Britain’s most ambitious migration exercise ever”

“Why I am marching against Brexit today”

“Irish in Britain: ‘I’d like to stay. Britain is not Brexit’”


  • Writing: Describe the latest developments in the Brexit negotiations.
  • Debate: A second referendum is necessary to settle lingering concerns about Brexit.
  • Poll: Do you think a peaceful and civil Brexit is possible?
  • Short Answer: What has the European Union agreed to regarding Brexit, and why?

Current events quiz:

1) Until when did EU leaders agree to delay Brexit?

a. January 1, 2020
b. June 30, 2019
c. April 12, 2019
d. December 31, 2019

2) What is the name of the campaign protesting the exit from the European Union?

a. The No-Deal Brexit Campaign
b. The People’s Best Choice Campaign
c. Country Over Party Campaign
d. The People’s Vote Campaign

3) The UK will leave on ___________ if the British parliament passes the deal.

a. April 12, 2019
b. May 22, 2019
c. August 2, 2019
d. September 30, 2019

4) Hundreds of thousands recently marched in London protesting Brexit. (T/F)

5) Theresa May is giving up on Brexit and is not trying to gain additional support. (T/F)

6) Polls show most people who are against Brexit want there to be another vote. (T/F)


1) C

2) D

3) B

4) T

5) F

6) T

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