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Conflict in Kashmir

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A recent car bombing in Kashmir killed 40 paramilitary soldiers and a number of militants.  A few days later, four Indian army personnel were killed in clashes with militants. According to CNN, “India have accused neighboring Pakistan of being behind the spike in violence, claiming its has ‘incontrovertible evidence’ that the country had a ‘direct hand’ in last week’s bomb blast — the deadliest such attack on security forces since the beginning of an insurgency in the disputed territory that began in the late 1980s.”

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“Kashmir after Pulwama attack: Government between a rock and a hard place”

“India terrorist attack: Why the US should force China to pick a side”

“Editorial | Kashmir: The Centre must choose options carefully”

“The nation mourns”

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“Kashmir attack: Bomb kills 40 Indian paramilitary police in convoy”

“India warns Pakistan of ‘strong response’ for Kashmir attack”

“Kashmir attack: India says Pakistan had ‘direct hand’ in deadly convoy strike”

“Separatist leaders say Kashmir dispute behind Pulwama terror attack”

“Curfew imposed as protests rock Jammu against terror attack”

“Kashmir: Why India and Pakistan fight over it”

“Dozens of Indian paramilitaries killed in Kashmir car bombing”


  • Writing: Why is Kashmir the subject of ongoing disputes between India and Pakistan?
  • Debate: An international conference should be convened to resolve the dispute over Kashmir.
  • Poll: Were you aware that Kashmir has been a disputed region going back to 1947?
  • Short Answer: Why is the latest round of violence in Kashmir significant?

Current events quiz:

1) Who or what is Jaish-e-Mohammed?

a. the suicide bomber responsible for the attack
b. a branch of ISIS
c. a terrorist organization responsible for the attack
d. the Prime Minister of India

2) Who holds control of Kashmir?

a. India
b. Pakistan
c. India and Pakistan
d. India and China

3) Where specifically was the recent Kashmir terrorist attack?

a. Srinagar
b. Pulwama
c. Jammu
d. Jalalabad

4) India and Pakistan have fought three wars since 1900. (T/F)

5) Jaish-e-Mohammed is an organization backed by the Pakistani government. (T/F)

6) Masood Azhar remains the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed since its founding. (T/F)


1) C

2) C

3) B

4) T

5) F

6) T

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