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2018 Election Fallout

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The results were somewhat mixed. After eight years in the minority, Democrats reclaimed control of the U.S. House of Representatives and took back many governor’s offices and state legislative seats. Republicans maintained control of the U.S. Senate.

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“Midterm election results: What it all means for Trump”

“Democratic Senators lost in battleground states after voting against Kavanaugh”

“Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate race, fending off challenge from Beto O’Rourke”

“U.S. Senate election results 2018”

“Ron DeSantis defeats Andrew Gillum in tight Florida governor’s race”

“What will the election results mean for Wall Street?”

“‘Please stop saying red wave’: Inside Democrats’ takeover of the House”

“Trump must reckon with new realities in wake of the election”

“The midterm elections were a stress test for democracy and it did not go well”

“MTP 2018 Rundown Blog: Latest news, analysis and data driving the midterms”


  • Writing: What did you find most fascinating about the 2018 midterm election results?
  • Debate: Democrats in the House should launch investigations into the Trump administration as soon as they take over.
  • Poll: Do you believe split party control of the federal government is a good development?
  • Short Answer: Why do you believe Democrats retook control of the House of Representatives after 8 years?

Current events quiz:

1) Since the Democrats are now in the majority in the House of Representatives, they are likely to elect _________ as Speaker of the House.

a. Charles Schumer
b. Joe Kennedy
c. Nancy Pelosi
d. Harry Reid

2) This senator managed to hold their seat, despite voting against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in a battleground state:

  1. Ted Cruz
  2. Joe Manchin
  3. Amy Klobuchar
  4. Joe Donnelly

3) This woman is the first woman of color to be elected to the House of Representatives from any state in New England:

  1. Ayanna Pressley
  2. Deb Haaland
  3. Jahana Hayes
  4. Ilhan Omar

4) In a shocking defeat, Ted Cruz beat opponent Beto O’Rourke by over 8 percent of the vote. (T/F)

5) True to predictions, Republicans picked up three new seats in the Senate this midterm election cycle. (T/F)

6) Andrew Gillum defeated Ron DeSantis, making him the newly elected governor of Florida. (T/F)


1) C

2) B

3) A

4) False

5) False

6) False

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