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Senator Warren Takes a DNA Test

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In response to continued criticism and attacks by President Donald Trump over her claims of Native American ancestry, Senator Elizabeth Warren released the results of a DNA test.

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“Why DNA test results are actually pretty fuzzy”

“Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test with ‘strong evidence’ of Native American ancestry”

“Nikki Haley jokes she’s not an ‘Indian Woman’ in swipe at Elizabeth Warren”

“‘Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test results are ‘only selling to VERY LOW I.Q. individuals’ says President Donald Trump””

“Native American sovereignty is under attack. Here’s how Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test hurt our struggle”

“Elizabeth Warren’s DNA disaster”

“What the Elizabeth Warren DNA fiasco says about the media”

“Elizabeth Warren’s DNA is not her identity”


  • Writing: Why did Elizabeth Warren take a DNA test?
  • Debate: The debate over Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry is a diversion from real issues facing the country.
  • Poll: Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry is a legitimate political issue.
  • Short Answer: What are some reasons many commentators are concerned about the way in which President Trump discusses Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry?

Current events quiz:

1) After hearing the news that Warren took a DNA test to prove her Native American ancestry, President Donald Trump said that he would only follow through with the payment of $1 million to her favorite charity if ______.

a. he could conduct the test personally
b. the percentage was significant; over 5%
c. he supported the charity as well
d. she promised not to run for reelection in the Senate

2) DNA tests concluded that Elizabeth Warren is likely between ______ and ______ Native American?

  1. 5/58; 1/120
  2. 1/64; 1/1024
  3. 3/8; 1/100
  4. 1/19; 1/2345

3) Some people are angry with Warren for taking a DNA test to prove her Native American ancestry because ______.

  1. it is seen as insensitive to Native peoples
  2. the people of Massachusetts on the whole do not approve of Warren
  3. some argue that having the genes of a Native American does not mean that you can identify as one, especially culturally
  4. all of the above
  5. both A and C

4) The Washington Examiner attacked the media’s portrayal of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test by claiming that a large percentage of reporters do not even read, let alone understand, the scientific studies that they are covering. (T/F)

5) Trump said that Warren is in fact of Native American descent, despite reports claiming that Democrats found it to be insensitive to Native peoples. (T/F)

6) Elizabeth Warren posted her DNA results to her website. (T/F)


1) A

2) B

3) E

4) T

5) F

6) T

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